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Rodney Lucas is a Brooklyn-based, award-winning documentary and commercial filmmaker from the South Side of Chicago. He travels the world creating short documentaries, commercials, and branded content for the likes of US Bank, Amazon, Square, NOWNESS, Vice, Upworthy, Dicks Sporting Goods, Puma, Clarks Originals, Verizon, and Toms Shoes; a partnership that allowed him to catalyze a Toms initiative that financially empowered artists around the globe to make social changes in their respective communities.

Rising from a childhood plagued with untimely deaths, a father serving life in prison, and bouts with homelessness—Rodney identifies with the language of the streets, and the plight of the oppressed. His work is celebrated for his uncanny ability to capture marginalized communities with a high level of sensitivity, care, artistic expression, and emotional depth.

With an extensive background in the music industry - that included releasing works with the London-based, platinum-selling group, Bastille - Rodney attributes the poetic tonality, and rhythmic flow of his films to the time he spent touring the world as a performance artist.

His most recent awards include —Tribeca X, a Webby, 13 Telly Awards, 3 AdStar awards, and was shortlisted at Cannes Lions.

As Rodney states in Muse By Clio...

"The connection to my community—and acting in service to it—is my primary mission. I take great pride in amplifying marginalized stories and voices through the power of film. I'm an outsider too, a guy who had to take the back door to get here. I didn't have homies at ad agencies or uncles who were producers. Those alley-oops didn't exist for me. I had to create these opportunities by revisioning the landscape of advertising through my ability to cinematically translate emotionality. Filmmaking is a privilege I approach with gratitude and humility."

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